Tourist Taxes

In Clay County, a 5% Tourist Development Tax (or TDT) is levied against owners or operators of transient accommodations in a hotel, motel, apartment motel, rooming house, condominium, mobile home, single family dwelling beach house, cottages, or other sleeping facility, if rentals are for six (6) months or less. (FL Statutes 125.0104 and FAC 12A-1.061).

The Tourist Development Tax strengthens the local economy by creating jobs, enhancing the environment, and supporting cultural events.

The TDT is an add-on tax, like the state sales tax, and is collected from the tenant at the time rent or accommodation charge is collected. The tax is charged to the renter; the owner or agent is responsible for collecting the tax and remitting it to the Clay County Tax Collector.

Tax returns and payments are due on the first of the month following collection and are considered delinquent if not submitted by the 20th of that month. Failure to remit TDT payments in a proper or timely manner can result in costly penalties.

For further information, contact the Clay County Tax Collector Tourist Tax Department, 904-284-6329

To Register/Pay Tourist Taxes: TouristExpress