If you have not renewed your driver license or identity card in a driver license office since before 2010, please be aware you will be asked to provide your Real ID Documents.

In 2010, Florida became a Real I.D. state, which requires individuals renewing or obtaining a new license or ID card to prove his/her identity, social security number and residential address with new documentation requirements. Learn more about required documents. 

If you have a gold star located after your driver license or ID card number, as shown in the image below, then you have already provided the necessary documents and you are not required to provide them again unless you need to update information on your card. You can update your address, replace and renew your license online without visiting the office at MyDMVPortal



New testing requirements have been issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, which may impact individuals who are desiring to renew their card or upgrade from an ID card to a class E license. If you meet any of the following criteria, you will be required to pass the Class E Knowledge Exam prior to a license being issued: 

  • Individuals who downgraded to an ID card for one year or more due to a sanction
  • Individuals with a Florida license expired for one year or more
  • Out-of-State license holder expired for one year or more
  • Applicants who did not obtain a Class E license within one year of passing the Class E knowledge exam